Exhibition Development, Design, and Coordination for Museums and Organizations
Port Washington Children’s LibraryConceptual Development, Exhibition Design

Port Washington Children’s Library

Challenge: To design three complete conceptual designs for the Port Washington Children’s Library. Working for Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership I was a consultant exhibition designer on a multi-disciplinary team of architects, graphic designers and interpretive specialists. My roles included creating floor plans that considered the functional needs and requirements of the library, integrating educational and interpretive approaches into the exhibition design, and producing high-quality renderings for presentations and fundraising efforts.

DateWinter/Spring 2014CategoryExhibition Design, Conceptual Development ClientPort Washington Children’s Library 


Delaware Museum of Natural HistoryConceptual Development, Coordination, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

Delaware Museum of Natural History

Challenge: Working with a team of curators and educators, I designed and fabricated the interpretation of a large-scale insect mural. The exhibit involves wooden contour-cut cards that visitors can pick up and hold. Each card visually relates to an insect, giving highlights and quick facts. With a small-scale budget we developed a simple and elegant solution that delivers a straight-forward and approachable learning experience.

DateSummer/Fall 2013CategoryExhibition Design, Conceptual Development, Graphic Design, Coordination Client Delaware Museum of Natural History 
Les Paul: The Wizard of WaukeshaExhibition Design

Les Paul: The Wizard of Waukesha

Challenge: To create a design development package for the Waukesha County Museum’s large-scale exhibition on Les Paul. Working with designer Peter Hyde my roles involved creating the full exhibition space in AutoCAD and providing the detail drawings for the client and the fabricators. I called out all materials, finishes, artifacts and graphic elements. For each section, I created a color rendering of the space for client presentations. Concept & Fabrication: BRC Imagination Arts CSSI

DateWinter/Spring 2013CategoryExhibition Design ClientWaukesha County MuseumLinkThe Les Paul Experience



National Museum of Industrial HistoryConceptual Development, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

National Museum of Industrial History

Challenge: To develop the schematic design for the 40,000 sq. ft. National Museum of Industrial History. Working with Ed Mooney we planned out the interpretive spaces, determining which artifacts and stories would be the most compelling with the best content flow. Throughout the process, we worked to include areas of visitor engagement and methods for visitor participation. With this information I helped design a comprehensive floor plan, scaled elevations, and renderings for presentations. Exhibit Design Development and Fabrication: VOA

Date2013CategoryConceptual Development, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design ClientNational Museum of Industrial History
The Museum of Reclaimed Urban SpaceConceptual Development, Coordination, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

I directed the design and interpretation of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, a living archive of urban activism in the Lower East Side. Leading a team of volunteers and interns, I created the interpretive elements including exhibit labels, section labels and visitor feedback opportunities. These elements and a developing social media and digital presence will allow the museum of foster a collective history of social activism in the area. In addition to this work I designed marketing materials, merchandise and exhibition graphics.

Archaeological Project in Southeast AsiaExhibition Design, Graphic Design

Archaeological Project in Southeast Asia

Challenge: To develop a conceptual design for a large-scale archaeological exhibition in Southeast Asia. I assisted designer and project director, James Hicks to create this package for the important excavation site. Working on-site, we worked closely with the local team to better understand the goal of the project and the important elements of interpretation. A conceptual design was then created to introduce and promote the project.

DateFall 2013 CategoryExhibition Design, Graphic Design  


Lord Cultural Resources Exhibition BoothCoordination, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

Lord Cultural Resources Exhibition Booth

Challenge: To redesign the Lord Cultural Resources booth for its debut at the AAM Conference in Baltimore. I worked closely with the marketing department to design the booth with an ease of assembly and flexibility for subsequent conferences. The booth features a new layout and new graphics to reflect Lord’s latest branding.

DateWinter/Spring 2013CategoryExhibition Design, Graphic Design, Coordination ClientLord Cultural Resources Link Lord Cultural Resources  



American WaterWorks Association ACE13Event Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

American WaterWorks Association ACE13

Challenge: To create the exhibit structure and environmental graphic design for the American WaterWorks Annual Meeting. I worked closely with the client to design and implement wayfinding, sponsorship opportunities, large-scale banners, merchandising systems, branded panels and the structures that house them.

DateWinter/Spring 2013CategoryExhibition Design, Graphic Design ClientAmerican Water Works Association Link AWWA Website 
American WaterWorks Association ACE12Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

American WaterWorks Association ACE12

Challenge: To create the exhibit structure and environmental graphic design for the American WaterWorks Annual Meeting. I worked closely with the client to design and implement wayfinding, sponsorship opportunities, large-scale banners, merchandising systems, branded panels and the structures that house them.

DateFall 2011/Winter 2012CategoryExhibition Design, Graphic Design ClientAmerican Water Works Association LinkACE12 Annual Conference and Exposition
Dreamforce DetailingExhibition Design

Dreamforce Detailing

Challenge: To detail the structures for the Microsoft Salesforce Dreamforce Conference. Each drawing outlined the metal elements, panels and hardware necessary for each structure.

DateSpring/Summer 2012CategoryExhibition Design ClientMicrosoft SalesforceLinkMicrosoft Salesforce Dreamforce
Telecom Pioneers MuseumExhibition Design, Graphic Design

Telecom Pioneers Museum

Challenge: The Telecom Pioneers sought to create a museum exhibition for their annual conference with the theme “Pioneers are Sparks.” I began with sketches and reflections on Telecom Pioneers’ branding and message for the museum. I then laid out a general thematic floor plan. Next, I created quick structural designs and simple renderings to help the client better visualize each design.

The client was incredibly pleased with the final product of the Telecom Pioneer’s Centennial Museum. The museum was constructed from rented metal and printed graphics applied to PVC. These materials fit the tight budget and temporary nature of the museum. The museum included object cases with light attics, flatscreens and speakers.

DateFall/Winter 2011
CategoryExhibition Design, Graphic Design
ClientTelecom Pioneers Volunteer Network
LinkPioneers 2011 Annual Meeting
The Rosenbach Museum & LibraryExhibition Design, Graphic Design

The Rosenbach Museum & Library

Challenge: To create the environmental graphic design for The Civil War Begins exhibition at the Rosenbach Museum and Library. Working with the curator, I designed all the graphic elements and wall treatments for the exhibition. I designed an introductory banner to draw visitors into the gallery and a graphic design hierarchy to organize the large amount of text for each object.

DateFall 2010
CategoryGraphic Design, Exhibition Design
ClientThe Rosenbach Museum and Library
LinkThe Civil War Begins Exhibition Site


First Person MuseumCoordination, Exhibition Design

First Person Museum

Challenge: The First Person Museum, a project of First Person Arts, was a prototype “museum of the people.” It showcased the meaningful stories behind the every day objects in our lives through an exhibition of  photographs, film, sound, and words.

I was brought on by Metcalfe Architecture & Design as an independent Installation Coordinator. My role involved designing the arrangement and content sections of the space. I then led a team to install the furniture, lighting, wall panels, photographs, video and audio components.

DateFall 2010CategoryInstallation/Coordination, Exhibition Design ClientFirst Person Museum and Metcalfe Architecture & Design LinkFirst Person Museum
“Design Does” UArts Year End ExhibitionCoordination, Exhibition Design

“Design Does” UArts Year End Exhibition

Challenge: To exhibit the works from five design departments of the University of the Arts in an entirely student designed, collaborative show entitled Design Does. As the Curatorial Committee Representative and Head of Exhibition Design and Fabrication, I oversaw the floor plan, the application of the curatorial structure, the general layout of the built exhibition walls, and the environmental graphic design. All of the projects were organized around a set of verbs to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of design and to express design as a means of action.

DateSpring 2010CategoryInstallation/Coordination, Exhibition Design ClientThe University of the Arts Design Departments LinkDesign Does Exhibition

Exhibit BoothsExhibition Design

Exhibit Booths

Challenge: To create renderings of exhibit booths and association structures for client presentations. The renderings sought to make the design clear and attractive to prospective clients. As the designer, I often presented these images to the clients, heard their feedback and discussed possible solutions.

DateDec. 2010 – Feb. 2012CategoryExhibition Design ClientBunn Automatic, Microsoft Sharepoint, Toy International Association
Philadelphia Museum of ArtGraphic Design

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Challenge: To assist the Graphic Design Department with the design and installation of case, wall, and vitrine labels for special exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Interning with the Graphic Design Department, I designed the font layout for each different type of label in the Cezanne and Beyond exhibition and the Frank O. Gehry: Design Process and the Lewis House exhibition. I also assisted with the application of vinyl and screen printed section labels.

DateAcademic Year 2008-09CategoryGraphic Design ClientPhiladelphia Museum of Art LinkFrank O. Gehry Exhibition Cezanne and Beyond
PSEG Energy & Environmental Resource CenterGraphic Design, Multimedia

PSEG Energy & Environmental Resource Center

Challenge: To create the content and info-graphics for interactive touch screens at the PSEG Environmental Education Center. Working with Talisman Interactive, I researched, wrote, and designed the content and informational graphics for the Renewable Resources interactive. Each info-graphic explains how a renewable resource works. After an editorial review by the client, I worked with the developers to integrate the info-graphics into the touch screens.

DateSummer/Fall 2009CategoryGraphic Design, Multimedia ClientPSEG LinkPSEG Energy & Environmental Resource Center
The GWU Cherry Tree YearbookGraphic Design

The GWU Cherry Tree Yearbook

Challenge: To design the 2007 George Washington University Yearbook. As the Senior Design Editor I directed the design concept of the book and designed the 400-page volume. Entitled Blueprints, the design set out to reflect the architecture of the University campus and Washington, D.C.

DateAcademic Year 2007CategoryGraphic Design ClientThe George Washington University
Short FilmsMultimedia

Short Films

Challenge: To create films!  These are samples of some films I worked on in various capacities including shooting, producing, directing, and editing.

Date2010 to presentCategoryMultimedia
Sea Air Space ExpositionExhibition Design, Graphic Design

Sea Air Space Exposition

Challenge: To design the structures and environmental graphics for the Navy’s annual Sea Air Space Exposition. I designed large format banners, show directionals, entrance units, and registration booths. I worked closely with our in house graphics team to produce the graphics. I also ensured that the project was designed and produced on schedule and within the budget.

DateWinter/Spring 2011CategoryExhibition Design ClientNavy LeagueLinkNavy League Sea Air Space Exposition

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